You need an Independent Insurance Agency – and here’s why:

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You need an Independent Insurance Agency – and here’s why:

We live in an age where nearly everything can be done online. It seems convenient until something goes wrong with your order or you cannot find the answer you need. If you  need to speak with (or chat with) a representative, you may end up on hold for hours.

There are times when an email thread and an unresponsive customer service agent just isn’t enough. Choosing where to purchase your insurance is one of those times.

When it comes to your insurance coverage, there’s no wiggle room. Insurance should give you a feeling of comfort and security, and knowing the real person handling your accounts and coverage gives you just that.

There are many reasons to choose a local, independent insurance agency. Just a couple of those reasons are:

When you have a question, there’s somewhere you can go to get an answer from a real person who understands your situation.

Let’s say you get into a car accident. You have no idea what your next steps are and you need guidance…fast! When you have a local agency, your support system is only a short drive (or phone call) away.

They can help you save money on other insurance policies.

Your agent not only knows your needs, but also the needs of your family. He or she is also familiar with your assets and the coverage you currently have. Having such a personal knowledge of your situation allows the agent the opportunity to recommend coverage and policies to help save you money, and ensure that you and your family have the proper protections in place.

You get the opportunity to build a relationship with your agent.

Choosing an independent insurance agency gives you the chance to talk to a live person. Insurance coverage requires knowledge of the personal aspects of your life. Wouldn’t you rather share this information with someone that has your best interests in mind?

In an economy where local insurance agencies are disappearing or being bought out by larger national companies, SourceOne is one of the largest, independently owned insurance agencies in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area. By partnering with SourceOne, you can rest easy knowing that we bring integrity to every step of the process, and that we will place you with the carrier that best fits your insurance needs.

Ready to make the switch to SourceOne? Give us a call at (260) 436-3544. Or, simply fill out our online contact form.