Reviewing your policy in the new year

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Reviewing your policy in the new year

Renewing your policy in the new year

As you enter the New Year, it is a good time to review your policies and address any applicable life changes.

Reviewing your insurance policies annually is a great way to keep your coverage current.  We can help you make sure that any life changes and major purchases are appropriately covered.

Some factors that require a review of your policies would include:


Thinking of moving to a new area this year for a new job opportunity or retirement?  Contact your insurance agent and check out insurance rates in those areas to be sure you are prepared for any cost fluctuations.

Life Changes

Did you get married this year?  Have a child go away to college?  These types of life changes affect your policy.  For instance, when you get married you now have an extra person to insure along with his or her car and belongings.  Take time to speak to your agent to make sure your policy has been adjusted accordingly.

Major Purchases

Your policy limits may need to be increased if you made any major purchases or additions to your home this year.  In the same way that these new purchases need the correct amount of coverage, you may also find when reviewing these items with your insurance agent that your large purchases from last year have depreciated in value and now require less coverage.

It is always a good idea to talk with your insurance agent when you have questions.  They are here to help you get the best deals and best coverage for your needs.  At SourceOne Insurance, we are one of the largest, independently owned insurance agencies in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area.  Since SourceOne’s founding in 1994, we have had one goal – to be the “one source for all your insurance needs.”  Call us today to make sure your coverage is ready for the New Year!  Or, click here to contact us.